Crime thriller evening "Starck and the first day". Reading with music with Christian Jaschinski

When Andreas Starck is released from prison, he only wants one thing: to finally embrace his daughter Greta again, whom he hasn't seen for years. But he is denied the right to do so.

Starck has had enough. Not only has the ex-prosecutor been robbed of his wife, but now someone is also trying to rob him of his future with his daughter. Determined, he begins to re-investigate his own case, supported by a headstrong detective. But he realises too late that he is angering powerful opponents ...

When Starck discovers that he is being followed by a contract killer, a game of cat and mouse begins. Who wants to destroy him? What do his deceased father and a bank in Zurich have to do with all this? But above all - can he prove his innocence and win his daughter back?

Where does the event happen? Community centre, Papenstr. 17, 32657 Lemgo

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