On a musical journey around the world with Engelbert Kämpfer and the Rosenmüller Ensemble

Engelbert Kaempfer, a doctor from Lemgo, made a special journey at the end of the 17th century. As an explorer, he travelled through Finland, Livonia, Russia and Iran, and later also India, Baku, Indonesia and Japan. There he was the first to describe the customs and traditions of the inhabitants, which earned him a reputation as the first Japanologist. Kaempfer was also a musician, always carrying a manuscript of music with him on his travels and describing the music of the countries he travelled to in his reports.

The Rosenmüller Ensemble under the direction of Arno Paduch allows us to follow this journey musically with historical music from the Near and Far East, among other places.

Where does the event happen? Evangelical Lutheran Church of St Nicolai, Papenstr. 15, 32657 Lemgo

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