Irish and Scottish Songs Since ancient times, the Irish and Scottish Celts have been enthusiastic singers.

They have been singing passionately about love, whiskey and war for centuries. The band project "Celtic" by the Detmold musician Daniel Wahren processes traditional Celtic songs with modern pop music, jazz and soul. The old melodies are sung so powerfully by Marta Hornik that the collision with the modern creates a firework of emotions: Mirjam Kyeck on the viola and violin, Helena Joachim on the flutes are the melodic shooting stars to Daniel Wahren's virtuoso piano playing.

Sonja Göhmann (guitar) and Philipp Spalting (bass) form the foundation for this music, which at times is bitterly serious, at times lovingly ironic, through the emotional world of the Irish and Scots. These Celtic songs are timeless, because our present is still about love and passion, about whiskey and war. Daniel Wahren fulfills a heart's desire with "Celtic" and combines his favorite songs in this program. The first album "Celtic" was released in 2018, followed by "Celtic Christmas" (2020) and "Celtic Mythos" (2021).

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